Wizards Escape

Wizards and Humans are invited to experience the magic of Wizard's Escape. A magical home with an escape room twist. Over 6,500 sq ft. on 3 acres, this 1870s home has been transformed into a Wizarding world. Grab some friends, jump in your flying blue car, and head on over. Home includes 6 bedrooms, an Escape Room, Scavenger Hunt, Pool, and more. Located in Adamstown, MD.

Escape Room and Scavenger hunt

Escape Room-
The notorious 4 marauders created a very detailed secret map of the castle. While exploring the castle, they found 7 secret passageways out of the castle. At night, they used their animus spell to sneak out of the castle and explore. Now the castle is under attack. You must use your Wizard skills to uncover the 7 passageways. The dilemma you face is that YOU KNOW WHO has destroyed 6 of the passageways, and he is not aware that there is a 7th way out. You have 60 minutes to escape the correct secret passageway.

Scavenger Hunt-
Spend hours finding the 7 cruxes and other magical items throughout the castle, and only one person can win a special prize.

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